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Bearsville, New York: The Holy Ascension Monastery

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Nestled in the mountains of New York State, The Holy Ascension Monastery offers men a week filled with labor, discussion, and backpacking through the forests of the Northeast USA.

Bearsville is a hamlet in Ulster County, New York, USA. It is in the town of Woodstock, New York and is located along New York State Route 212, within Catskill State Park.

SPFL Contact: Daniel Lain
Location: Bearsville, New York
Host: Bishop Demetrius and the monks of the Holy Ascension Monastery
Website: http://www.ascensionmonastery.org/
Dates: May into June, 2016
Deadlines: April, 2014
Mission: Tree Clearing, painting, road repair, landscaping, construction
Price: $300
Who can go: Male Trip

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