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Bahamas: St. Spyridon's Mission

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St. Spyridon's Church in Long Island, Bahamas is one of our most adventurous trips complete with liturgical services, religious discussion, and the amenities of living on an island in the Caribbean. The Church is nearly done. Tile needs to be laid and a great deal of interior decorating needs to be completed. Get ready to spend two weeks in the Bahamas spear fishing, swimming, hiking, and building a church, literally.

Go see the deepest blue hole in the world, catch your own dinner, play coconut football, and enjoy island living SPFL style!

SPFL Contact: Demetri Patitsas
Location: Long Island, Bahamas
Website: www.longibahamas.com
Dates: CANCELED FOR 2015/2016
Deadlines: TBD
Mission: Finish the tile and woodwork of the church!
Flight: We ask you make your own flight arrangements to Nassau, Bahamas to arrive no later than 1:30 PM)
Who can go: Co-ed Trip, 16 or older
Spiritual Guide: TBD

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