SPFL Programs

Why and How To Donate

We need your help to preserve this historic tradition that provides us in the world opportunity for retreat and reflection. They are a light to us and the marrow of our living tradition of the Orthodox Church.

There are many ways to support St. Paul's Fellowship of Labor. First of all, you can travel with us to give back to these communities directly. You can also sponsor someone to go on a program. Finally, you can donate funds to help promote the organization and purchase materials for our projects.

Become a Member: $5 Per Month

With your membership, you will be placed on our biannual email list for important announcements and news, receive an electronic copy of our membership award, and receive $25 off all program trips for the year. Join today!

Sponsorship: $300

Make it possible for someone to travel with us that otherwise could not. These funds will help us recruit volunteers that will complete much needed service projects for our monasteries and convents.

Sponsorship: $599

Through these funds we will be able to recruit skilled laborers to help plan, organize, and execute the many projects that we undertake while on site. With the help of a skilled carpenter or stone mason, we can complete projects that otherwise would not be affordable to complete.

Sponsorship: $899

At the end of the day, we complete tangible and functional projects that can be seen and used to improve the community we are helping. Funds from our Gold Sponsors will be used to purchase materials and tools for construction and landscaping projects.

The Free Will Offering

We thank you for any amount that can be donated to serve our mission. It is our passion to serve this noble purpose and we thank you for enabling and empowering us to do so.

Preserve the Past to Promote the Future

We Are Grateful
Our Programs Change Lives